ICPC says Corruption is not limited to monetary issues


ICPC says Corruption is not limited to monetary issues

By: Femi Mustapha

The Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) has said corruption is not limited to monetary issues but permeated all fabric of all lifes.

Kaduna State Commissioner of the ICPC Shehu Yahaya made the assertion during a two-day training for stakeholders on Open Contracting Organised byPublic Private Development Center (PPDC) with support from MacArthur Foundation held in kaduna North West Nigeria yesterday.

He said lots of corrupt practices are been over looked by Nigerians because it is not monetary issues.

Shehu Yahaya explained that a professional engaged by the government but refused to report to duty, and went about his private practice is already corrupt.

The Commissioner defined corruption as dishonest or immoral behavior that is not in line with general accepted standard.

Yahaya admonished Nigerians to stopped the sit and look attitude and get involved in the fight against corruption, becouse fight against corruption begins with one self.

The ICPC Commisioner added that corruption affected every body directed or indirectly,he vowed that no any corrupt individual will be spare.

In his own remark Mr. Kunle Adelowo of Public Private Development Center (PPDC) said transparency is the mechanism that when put in place will reduce the high rate of corruption bedeviling the country.

According to him when Government made bidding for contacting open, the level of individual influence on such contract is limited.

Kunle explained that open contracting not only reduced corruption but ensure that the best firm get the job.

Similarly the Co-chair Open Contracting Technical Working Group, Open Government Partnership OGP Barrister Rebecca Sako John said there must be collaboration between the Government and the citizens in order to reduce malpractices in Contracting.

She emphasized that open procurement has brought some transparency in Contracting in kaduna state.

Barrister Rebecca Sako John however tasked the participants to ensure that they play their own part by monitoring all Government contracting.

The two-day’s workshop was organized to offer engagement with stakeholders (Civil Society Organizations, Government and the Media) on building a community of practice around open contracting.

“The overall aim was to provide technical support to Kaduna State Bureau of public procurement agency (KADPPA) for effective project delivery.

“And also enlighten the CSOs and media on how to actively engage the citizens and government to make the open contracting a reality since one cannot exist without the other.”


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