Ex students of FGGC Aboluma vows to sustain the Spirit of unity schools.


Ex students of FGGC Aboluma vows to sustain the Spirit of unity schools.

From:: Femi Mustapha

The Ex students of Federal Government Girls College FGGC Abuloma has vowed to sustain the Spirit behind the establishment of unity schools in the Country,as a means to check the various challenges in the country.

The National President of the Association Rosanna Oriye, disclosed this during the inauguration of the kaduna Chapter of the Association, North West on 7th September 2019

Acccording to her the spirit behind the unity Schools is to Foster unity and understanding among Nigerians.

She said while in the school they see themselves first as sister not minding the religion or ethnic background.

She however lamented that such principle is fast fading away in the country today and responsible for the political, economy and security challenges faced by the people.

The National President explained that if a Yoruba girl who schooled with Hausa, Igbo or any other tribes sees them as sister then she will grow up loving and respecting them.

“But when we became divided from youth then working in unity will be impossible.” She said

She called on all Abuloma Old Girls’ Association to ensure that they sustain the discipline and principle they acquired during their stay in the school.

Rosanna Oriye, said the National body working towards providing infrastructures to school as their contribution to help the current students.

In her remark, the kaduna state Chapter president Stella Numan called on all girls of Abuloma to be part of the Association because their history will be inconclusive without Abuloma.


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