COVID -19: Governor Bello Muhammad approves recruitment of 200 Doctors


COVID -19: Governor Bello Muhammad approves recruitment of 200 Doctors

From: Femi Mustapha

In its bid to check the Coronavirus pendemic Zamfara state Governor Bello Muhammad has approved the recruitment of 200 new medical doctors and nurses for the enhancement of health care management system in the state.

The Governor disclosed this in his Twitter handle “We’ll continue to revitalise the technical & human resources of our healthcare system to safeguard lives.

“We believe the approval of my administration for the recruitment of 200 medical doctors at these trying times would give an impetus to our preventive efforts against #covid19” it reads

The state Commissioner for Health Alh Yahaya Muhammad e Kanoma earlier said the exercise was approved considering the deficit in human resources at some of the health facilities in the state and the passion the Governor has for the development of the health care management of the state.

According to him the Governor will soon approve their plans for the construction of more befitting houses for Doctors and Nurses so that medical personnel can be retain at the local governments and other rural areas to carry out their duties effectively and efficiently.

Kanoma noted further that, before the end of the first year of this administration all the dilapidated General Hospitals in Zamfara would be renovated and equipped noting that, what they met on the ground as a government was beyond human comprehension.


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