CRIME WATCH: Senator Abbo, order battered, arrested of my sibling —- Brother alleges.



Senator Abbo, order battered, arrested of my sibling —- Brother alleges.

By: Our Correspondent

Ija Abasiryu, brother to an Aide of the Senator representing Adamawa North in the Upper Chamber, Elisha Abbo. Ija Abasiiryu  has lamented how the Senator ordered for the arrest and detention of his brother Zaman Abasiryu Birdling for allegedly leaking his secret to a serving Governor.

Mr. Ija Abasiiryu stated this in a telephone interview with the our Correspondent.

According to him, his sibling was arrested on Sunday 31 May, 2020 in his residence in Abuja over alleged accusations of leaking the secret of Senator Elisha Abbo to a serving Governor.

He added that his brother’s apartment was ransacked and when the Operatives  of  SARS who effected the arrest could not find any evidence, he was beating to a  stage of coma stage and then  moved to the SARS office near Abattor in Abuja.

After some days with them and fear of him giving up in their custody they asked for his handset which is with the Senator.
“They later used the set of one of the officer by name Mohammed to send text messages to my sister ,who forwarded it to me.

“I called the number and one inspector Mohammed answered and said my brother is in their custody .

“When  I asked what was is offence? I was told the Senator said he is his son and he brought him to the office for discipline actions for leaking his secret to a serving Governor.

“I called the Senator immediately but he only answered around 1:00AM .He said my brother was leaking his secret to a serving Governor and I should come down to Abuja on Monday.

“I told him I cannot move down from Yola immediately because of the lockdown.

“I got across to one of my relation who reside in Abuja and by 10:AM ,he was already in the SARS office,  I tried to inform the Senator but he was not picking my call.

“As I am talking to you he has not called me and my brother is still in the custody of the police. I call on well meaning Nigerians to talk to Senator Elisha Abbo to see reason and release my brother.

“This is a boy, who has been with him for the past four years and served him faithfully,” he said.

However, Zaman Abasiryu Birdling was released  on 4th of June 2020 and presently receiving treatment at an undisclosed hospital.


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