COVID-19: Private School Owners calls for adherence to safety measures


COVID-19: Private School Owners calls for adherence to safety measures

By: Femi Mustapha

National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS)  kaduna  State   has called on its members to adhere to  COVID-19 Safety measures as Yardstick to ensure safety of students and teachers.

The Chairman of the Association in the state, Jaafar Yusuf, stated this in a statement made available to media in kaduna North West Nigeria on 26th November, 2020.

The statement stated that the calling is coming in line with the 2nd wave COVID-19 Pendemic reported  in some Countries.

The Chairman added that as owners of Schools, NAPPS  members should continue  to observe covid-19 guidelines in their Schools and alert  Staff and Parents to be more vigilant particularly in the use of face mask and Social Distance in Schools and other public places.

“Let us all come together and protect ourselves, our family and our society from the scourge of the Pandemic as astitch in time saves Nine.”

The Chairman described as untrue, report that there is weak compliance to COVID-19 protocols since the resumption of schools  in the state, saying compliance was  strict in private schools .

Jaafar Yusuf added that from report reaching him there was considerable availability of hand hygiene facilities, temperature checks, use of face masks, provision for physical distancing measures in most Private School in kaduna State.


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