How AIDA makes 10,000 Nigerians Millionaires  in 2020 — President


How AIDA makes 10,000 Nigerians Millionaires  in 2020 — President

By: Femi Oyelola

The President ofAfrica Investors in Diaspora Association (AIDA)
Dr Philemon Ibrahim Gora said the Organization in 2020 launched an empowering projects that makes at least 10,000 Nigerians beneficiaries to become millionaires.

He disclosed this while receiving Nigerian Leadership Award (NLA 2020).award  held in kaduna on Friday.4th December, 2020

According to him, AIDA has a mandate to focus on uplifting the living standard of people and complementing government’s efforts at alleviating poverty through scholarship awards, subsidy, debt recovery services, viable short-term investment counselling, and provision of interest-free and “non-collateral business loans to entrepreneurs.

He also said recently 120 beneficiaries comprises students in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions received scholarship from the Organization

Dr. .Philemon Ibrahim Goro added that he discovered that there are many parents that are stranded and  the children want to go to school but the parents do not have means, so he came to the rescue by giving the opportunity to the students.


“I will pay 100 per cent into the school’s account while the parent is expected to refund 50 per cent to me. I have done for 120 students,” he said.

He added that the students benefitted from the scheme, which started in September.

“I discovered that the secret of living is giving and the secret of money is that the more you give, the more you will get. Money lives in people and money lives in problems. Rich men of this world depend on people,” he said.

He added that the organisation also provided access to loans without collateral, organised skills acquisition programmes, empowered the less privileged, provided access to 25% subsidy for members who shopped in some major stores in Nigeria such as Shoprite and Sahad, as well as provided agricultural grants for persons interested in farming.

Gora said that the organisation had launched a product known as “double for your trouble” which enabled members to have 100 per cent returns on any amount invested within seven working days.

According to him, every Nigerian is qualified to become a member by subscribing to any of the three products on the AIDA.

He thanked Privilege Magazine and Transparency Monitors On-line for the award and promised to help more Nigerians in the coming years.


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