Covid-19 Vaccine: Ashmed Hospital distances self from patient allegedly vomiting blood after receiving Vaccine


Covid-19 Vaccine: Ashmed Hospital distances self from patient allegedly vomiting blood after receiving Vaccine

By:Fem Mustapha

The Management of Ashmed Specialist Hospital Kaduna has distance itself from a video of one of its patient who claimed to be vomiting blood and having bleeding from the nose after talking the Covid-19 Vaccine.

The Chief Medical Director (,CMD) of the Hospital Dr. Patrick Echobu,
Stated this while speaking to the media in kaduna yesterday.

According to him the Hospital condemned the video going around on the social medias.

The CMD said that patient  one Hannatu Tanko  was presented to the Hospital on 30th of  March,2021 having disease spells, such is headache, bleeding from the nose and mouth.

We received her as a patient who had vaccination of covid 6 days prior to her presentation to this hospital.

“Unknown to us She granted audience which was posted in the media, we want to say  we are not connected with the information in the Media

” I was not the one who examined her, but by the time she came here they put ice on the bleeding nose and everything stopped.
She was not vomiting blood but bleeding from the nose which is called epistasis.

“There are a lot of things that could cause that, it could be chronic illnesses like; hypertension, infection of upper respiratory track infection and the likes even the weather condition, while some have it genetically.

” We learned that she had operation in the throat and also has some medical conditions which she has been treating for a very long time.

“According to her she was physically fit as at the time she took the vaccine.

“The Epidemiology department of the state was here yesterday and interviewed her to be able to link her condition with the reaction to the vaccine, they asked her several questions and about her health condition and she claimed to have reactions to injection generally.

“Prior to taking the vaccine, we don’t know whether is reaction of the injection.

” She normally feels uncomfortable after taking any injection according to her and this one may be part of what she normally feels.

” The only thing we are not too comfortable is  the bleeding from the nose and mouth according to what  she told the doctor that admitted her.” He said

Dr. Patrick Echobu said all staff of
Ashmed Specialist Hospital have
collected vaccine, and as the CMD of the hospita  he took vaccines  first.

” We sincerely commend  effort of Kaduna State Government who made it possible for everybody to have  Covid-19 vaccine,
“we wish them well and also to tell people that yes is good to take the vaccine. The side effect that you may experience might just be like any other side effect of vaccination.” He stressed


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