2023 : Stick to “merit” of  candidate not ethno-regional , religious leanings. Arewa Group tells Ohanaeze


2023 : Stick to “merit” of  candidate not ethno-regional , religious leanings. Arewa Group tells Ohanaeze


By: Femi Mustapha



Arewa Youth Consultative Forum( AYFC ) has called on Ohanaeze and nation’s stakeholders to stick to “merit” of any Presidential candidate as against his ethno-regional or religious leanings.


The President of   AYFC  Alhaji Yerima Shettima stated this in a statement made available to media in kaduna Northwest Nigeria on  13th July, 2021


AYCF President was responding to press conference by Ohaneaze that rejected the position of Governor Yahaya Bello  of Kogi State that Rotational Presidency   cannot be found anywhere in the Nigerian Constitution,


The Group described as laughable the claim by Ohanaeze that Governor Yahaya Bello was still a student when Nigerians like the late Dr. Abubakar Rimi, Solomon Lar and others advised that power rotation should be adopted.


“Is it not a shame that Ohaneaze is canvassing for a mere 23-year old advice not backed by any law known to part politics while questioning the young governor’s legitimate advice for full democratic process of majority having their way?” AYCF queried


AYCF added that both the  Northern leaders and youths of the region have come a long way and therefore “cannot be intimidated by anyone or stampeded into sheepishly supporting a regional candidate for the nation’s 2023 presidency”.


On Ohaneaze’s emphasis that “morality” is ahead of constitutionality, the AYCF said the Ndigbo group has goofed, saying nowhere in a democratic system does moral consideratio supercede the constitution.


AYCF in the statement,  also reacted to Ohanaeze’s claim that the recent meeting of Southern Governors Forum endorsed power rotation to South in 2023 saying “that does give Ohanaeze the licence to ignore simple democratic processes”.


” We, in the AYFC wish to remind Ohanaeze that, the North cannot be intimidated ever again, because we’re now more politically-conscious of our democratic rights and freedom and fully prepared to legitimately assert ourselves.


“As for those threatening that they would pull out of Nigeria if the next President did not come from the South it’s nonsensical because they don’t need to advertise that they’re leaving, when there are provisions of the constitution that gives them simple, legal means of breaking away. These empty threats won’t force the North to abandon democratic means of producing Nigerian leaders” AYCF stressed



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