SCI harps on community participation in Primary Health Care 


SCI harps on community participation in Primary Health Care

By:Femi Mustapha

The save the Children International (SCI) has advocated for more Communty members participation in the Primary health Care program.

Advocacy, campaign and policy Manager of Save the Children International, Mr Ifedilichukwu Ekene Innocent also harped  on community participation in Primary Health Care in Kaduna state

Mr Ifedilichukwu Ekene Innocent disclosed this during orientation meeting  for Board members of  Kaduna Primary Health Care Board  (SPHCB) held in Kano

According to him SCI is hoping to see situation where community members are able to participate,   expressed things that are not good in facilities within their vicinity in order to get improvement.

Mr Ifedilichukwu Ekene Innocent disclosed that SCI is committed to holding series of activities within the community with WDC, within the various facilities, and then with the community members themselves. in a town hall meeting, to mobilizing them  for understanding what their rights are, regarding the Basic Health Care Provision Fund (BHCPF)

He explained that the issues   highlighted in the communique is for participant’s  to understand the concept of Primary Health Care Under One Roof (PHCUOR) i
and complement  effort of kaduna state government under the leadership of , Mallan Nasiru Ahmed El-rufai on the goal of the world Health system to ensure access to sustainable, quality and acceptable and affordable  health services with full implementation and participation of members of the community

Speaking earlier, Chairman kaduna State Primary Health Care Board (SPHCB)Dr. Sani Muhammed Jibril commended the State Goverment for providing functional Health care facilities in all the 23 Local Government Areas, and 255 wards in the state

According to him  kaduna  state has reached over 90% on the National Primary Health Care Under One Roof program scorecard.

“I think the primary Health Care Development Board has really done well

” Looking at where we are coming from and to see where we are today, they have really make a tremendous impacts in the health system in kaduna state. ” He said


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