Malnutrition: Mrs. El-Rufai commissions first Public Creche to encourage breastfeeding.


Malnutrition: Mrs. El-Rufai commissions first Public Creche to encourage breastfeeding.

By: Femi Mustapha

The wife of the Kaduna state Governor, Mrs. Aisha Ummi Garba El-Rufa’i has commissioned the first public  Creche for working women in the Planning and Budget Commission.

Commissioning the creche established by the Commission on 26th August 2021, she said that the availability of creches in the MDAs will support and promote optimal breastfeeding practice by female civil servants in the state.

Mrs. El-Rufai who was represented by the Project Manager Kaduna State Emergency Nutrition Action plan( KADENAP), Umar Bambale,  added that the establishment of the creche will help reduce the rate of morbidity and mortality among children under the age of Five as the lactating mothers will be able to cater for their babies proper even as they work.

Speaking on the Creche named after her, she stressed that with such places(creche) in every MDAs, Malnutrition will be addressed to a large extent, leading to a healthier and developed society.

She, therefore, called on the commission to push the campaign for exclusive breastfeeding further by ensuring that creches are established in other MDAs of Kaduna state, as well support private sectors to ensure that conducive and private spaces are provided for breastfeeding working-class mothers

In her remarks, Permanent Secretary, Ministry Budget and Planning, Mrs. Pheobe Sukai Yayi said the importance of having creches in the place of work can not be overemphasized.

She explained that the servicewomen in their workplace are providing should not be tampered with because she is having a child.

“women in their place of work need to be properly taken care of, and women  who are also taking care of a child need to be provided with facilities that should be able to bring up her child properly”

“We have gone past the ages where when a woman is pregnant she will not be given a job”.

“For over years we have been advocating for a creche, so whether you are a mother or grandmother you need to advocate for creche in your workplace”.



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