John Hassan is a man  whose heart is with the people


John Hassan is a man  whose heart is with the people

by: Rotimi Emmanuel

The first time I met Honourable John Hassan at the Bajjiu Day celebrations,  in Kaduna I  became perplexed because the postures of the person standing before show Little of the great achievement he has recorded.

I asked a colleague who is a bonafide ‘Bajjiu’ man So this is the man who had shouldered the responsibility of many widows orphans and the needs not only in Zango Kataf Local Government Areas but anybody who comes his way.

When I met Mama Laraba Dauda in 2018 and the first gist between myself and her was of a man that has made it a duty to clothes the widows every year, and support them financially.

I remembered vividly that as the last political appointee who headed the council as the IMC chairman in 2018 in Zango kataf LGA John Hassan produced a peaceful atmosphere that guarantees the security of lives and property,   and infrastructures development was the other of the day, that surely is the key factor that made the people of Zango Kataf call him to serve his people and do what he knows Best.

He handed over a peaceful Zangon Kataf to Dr. Elias Manza and his secretary in person of Elisha sakoh all from the Atyap/kataf extraction. whose tenure  expired in June 2021

It is no a gainsaying that the Zango Kataf witnessed a period of insecurity during their tenure, and no visible steps were taken to correct it.

The advice of the leaders of thought in the local government Area for peace to prevail was swept under the carpet.

Surprisingly the same set of people who created the insecurity bedeviling the area are now using it as campaign propaganda Against John Hassan who has the call of his people to serve them as Chairman Of Zango Kataf LGA under the platform of All Progressive Congress(APC)

The insecurity situations engulfed the entire atyap land who had their sons as chairman and secretary of the council. Until their exit, they didn’t seek stakeholder’s opinions and advice on how to end the insecurity in Zango kataf local government.

Their door wasn’t open to advise and consultation in any form from whosoever to see to the end of the matter.

It is on record, that John Hassan was an IMC chairman in Zango for just 3 weeks in the Zango kataf local government and every community attests to the impact they felt when he was at the helm of affairs.

From finding, he is a complete self-made human, he is well to do and has used his resources to reach out to those who are averagely doing fine as well as to those who are completely not fine at all.

He is someone who can be entrusted with public funds and it will reach out to them at the right and appropriate time. His doors are open to all people under the council area,

This gentleman per excellent is accessible at all time and always give preference to stakeholders, community development leaders, religious leaders their pride of place for deliberation and to make decisions that will meet the peoples need.

John Hassan has never at any point feels  need the public fund to have a life or to sustain himself
because he is comfortable and the service to his people is paramount to him.

The Zango Kataf people must give this salient goals getters opportunity to serve them and return the Area, back to the days where the development of humans and Infrastructure are the order of the day.


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