Kaduna  is now a self-sustaining state — Official


Kaduna  is now a self-sustaining state — Official

By: Femi Mustapha

Kaduna State government has steadily moved from a Federal allocation committee dependency
to a self-sustaining state.

The Accountant general of the state, Shizzer Nasara Barda disclosed this during the presentation of the Citizens’ Accountability Report in Kaduna. Northwest Nigeria on 9th September 2021.

According to her, despite the Covid – 19 pandemic which lead to the closes of businesses and offices, they were able to navigate through uncharted waters and grow its Internal generated Revenue ( IGR).

“Today, I am happy to say that against all odds the state emerged victorious with the state’s IGR in 2020 at over 50.7b. This is terms of FAAC to IGR is at 40.9% which indicates a steady shift for FAAC dependency to a self-sustaining state”, she said.

She added that the capital execution rate in the year 2020 stood at approximately 90%, noting this is the first of its kind in today’s cooperate Nigeria.

Speaking on the Presentation organized by the Ministry of  Finance in conjunction with the Planning and Budget Commission, Head of Governance leadership and advocacy of coalition of Association for leadership, peace, empowerment, and development( CALPED), Yusuf Gone said the presentation is very important because without citizens having information that will help them engage constructively, they cannot hold government accountable.

He explained the launching of the platform has three objectives, which include; creating awareness of the Citizens’ accountability reports, an avenue for the government to present to the public what they have done in terms of actualization of resources, and getting citizens feedback, validation that this template would hold government accountable.


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