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NewsBishop of Anglican laments increasing security challenges

Bishop of Anglican laments increasing security challenges

By Femi Mustapha
The Bishop of Anglican Communion, Kaduna Diocese, Timothy Yahaya, has lamented the increasing security challenges in the country, saying all measures must be put in place to ensure peace reign in the country.
Addressing Journalists on  his Christmas message to the nation,  the cleric  called on  all aggrieved person  to be aware that what they are doing; wasting human lives will never bring peace.
According to  him, the only thing that can bring peace is when the people recognize and respect Prince of peace, It will bring peace in Nigeria, heaven and earth, it can bring peace in our world, saying This is my Christmas message.
“The Prince of peace is born, and I wish our world the peace that passes human understanding
“My Christmas message is very simple at this daring time, very difficult time, very tensed time, very unpredictable time, bloodletting time, insecurity is all over the nation, my message is that we are receiving the prince of peace, and therefore the message is peace. It is about the Prince of peace.
“We want peace in our nation. We want peace in our State. We want peace in the world, in our homes, we want peace in our relationship. We want peace everywhere. ” Bishop Yahaya said.
Speaking on the  rejection of the amended Electoral Bill by President Muhammadu Buhari, he said this indicates that Nigeria has not started practising democracy and that the political system is doomed.
The Clergy added that Mr. President’s refusal to sign the electoral Act amendment bill means Nigeria has not started democracy.” what we are practising for now is “Them own crazy”. There is “Them own cracy”. Indices of what is democracy elsewhere in the world is not in Nigeria.
He  explained that Election should be the backbone of democracy, But the people out there who claim they are representing us; are they actually representing us?
“It is only in Nigeria that people easily die in election. Ballot box stuffing and snatching do happen. It is only in Nigeria that terrorists will be busy killing people in their thousands. We don’t have thirty-six thousand police to go and quell the problem of human degradation.
“But when there was an election in Anambra State, Ondo  State and elsewhere, how many vehicles were on the ground. That tells you “Them own crazy”. They are not ready to let go, Nigeria has become a cow they are milking every day. It is not about the people, it is about what they will get out of the system.
“It is about corruption, it is about looting, it is  inhumanity to man by the class of people that rule us today. The element of democracy is for the people to decide who rule them. It must be the voice of the people.
“Democracy is the voice of the majority. How can you explain the flimsy reasons given for not signing the electoral Act. I think there will be a rethink and the right thing will be done so that for the first time, Nigeria will say there will be a free and fair election. This government cannot deliver anything to Nigerians. How can they not for once give Nigerians an electoral process that is acceptable world.
“I am talking to the National Assembly members. I am not talking to the Mr. President because he had already told us his mind that he is not going to sign the electoral bill. The National Assembly should put signatures together to override Mr. President.
“There is a way we have hijacked the political process in Nigeria. And if the National Assembly wants the people to clap for them, and the name rubber stamp be removed from them, it is time to show it. Nigerians are clamouring and crying that the electoral bill be signed into law. If the National Assembly knows that they are the oxygen of democracy, they should do the right thing; override Mr. President and pass it into law. ” He said.


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