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NewsWAMFOI Unveils 'Women Political Project 2023', awards organization's Amazons

WAMFOI Unveils ‘Women Political Project 2023’, awards organization’s Amazons

Femi Mustapha


Women Mentoring and Leadership Initiative Nigeria (WAMFOI) has Unveiled and launched the ‘WOMEN POLITICAL PROJECT 2023 AND BEYOND’, aiming at achieving the desire affirmative action, particularly, the challenges or obstacles confronting Women participation in political/elective positions.


The launching of the project was done during the Celebration of the 2022 Women Mentoring and Leadership Initiative (WAMFOI) Amazons programme held in Kaduna.

Similarly, the organization presented an award of Excellence to winners of WAMFOI Amazons, who had distinguished, exceptional leadership spirit, motivational support and advocates for women’s development, positive contribution to WAMFOI, offering selfless service to humanity and the society as a beacon of hope to all.


In her opening remarks, Chairperson WAMFOI, Rt. Hon. (Mrs) Florence D. Aya said, WAMFOI was formed in a way of giving back to the Society/humanity with a common goal to strengthen Women for greater political and Leadership role after years of training undergone be she and some members, and with support from the British High Commission through Legal Defence and Project Assistance (LEADS).


She noted that 17 years after, the Organization has continued to grow from strength to strength, becoming a leading organization and focus driven in building and impacting knowledge and confidence for empowering women and future Leaders to reach their potential.


“WAMFOI has carried out Numerous activities including but not limited to, the following; between 2007 and 2019, WAMFOI had about 35 Women who are mentored and contested  different political positions. 7 out of the said number won elections at different levels from councillorship to House of Representative, while Eight were given appointment in various government agencies


WAMFOI organized, collaborated and participated at various programmes being organized by Government agencies, Development partners and NGOs such as, Advocacy to all political parties in Kaduna State for Women Inclusiveness at all levels, Advocacy on peace and security, voters education and mobilization in 23 LGAs of Kaduna state, Role of Women in Governance and so on”, she said.


Giving her lecture as the Guest speaker at the occasion, the Accountant General (A.G), Kaduna State, Mrs. Shizzer Bada, while delivering her paper titled, ‘Women Participation in Politics: Experiences in Politics and  Governance’ said,  it is observed by the United Nations Women, that from the local to the global level, women’s leadership and political participation are restricted.


The A.G who was represented by her
Principal Accountant, Office of the Accountant General, Kaduna State, Mrs. Mercy Toro, noted that even as they have proven their abilities as leaders and agents of Change, and their right to participate equally in democratic governance, they are underrepresented in leading political positions, whether in elective offices, the civil service, the private sector or academia.


She, however, expressed that Women cannot continue to sit back and lament gender disparity in politics and governance, instead, playing field needs to be levelled and opening opportunities for all women.

According to her, “Experiences over the years have shown that women, who make up more than fifty per cent of our national population, account for less than ten percent of the elective positions in the country.

“As it is in the current dispensation in both the Senate and House of Representatives, there are only 29 women against 440 men. The progression even showed a decline rather than an improvement when compared with the past election circles. In 2015-2019, we had 31 women in the 2011-2015 circles the number did not change in 31 while in the 2007–2011 rounds we had 34. In all, women constitute less than 10 per cent of the total number.

“The United Nation Women [UNwomen] observed that the national average  women’s political participation in Nigeria has remained 6.7 percent in elective and appointive positions, which is far below the Global Average of 22.5 per cent, Africa Regional Average of 23.4 per cent and West African Sub Regional Average of 15 per cent.


“Women in every part of the world continue to be largely marginalized from the political sphere, often as a result of discriminatory laws, practices, attitudes and gender stereotypes, low levels of education… and the disproportionate effect of poverty on women.


“This appalling situation and lessons of women’s participation in politics has been engendered by years of traditional and sometimes religious roadblocks to the effective mainstreaming of women in the schemes of political, social and economic development. Consequently, women lack the resources to engage in politics as the resources are disproportionately skewed against them.


Continuing “Women face several obstacles to participating in political life. Structural barriers through discriminatory laws and institutions limit women’s options to run for political offices. Capacity gaps mean women are less likely than men to have the education, contacts, networks and resources needed to become effective political leaders”, She said.


She explained  that Governance and Leadership help reduce the wide capacity gap that is largely responsible for the deficit of women in political leadership positions in Nigeria, noting that Women need to familiarize themselves with useful knowledge and strategies that will help them become effective leaders who are better able to successfully navigate the often treacherous landscape of politics in all its ramifications in Nigeria.


“It is expected that the female politician should equip herself with clearly defined political goals, critical skills, information and competences required to facilitate her entry, participation and rise to sustainable success in politics in Nigeria.

“Women in politics or those aspiring for political positions must engage themselves in capacity building activities and maintain multiple sources of income and not depend on pittance shared to cow them to submission.


“Women in politics must be confident enough to contest and win elections for themselves by mobilization and development of winning strategies; negotiation with other candidates; ability to align with technology and electronic systems of elections, motivational speaking skills; effective political leadership skills and team building with team work.


“Women in politics must never be an island to themselves but must be part of the political loop and ecosystem that will include them in the mainstream”. She said.


Also at the Occasion, the Kaduna South Senatorial aspirant come 2023, Mr. Zakariyau Dauke Suleiman Said, Women in Politics are Faced with the Challenge due to  lack of Co-operation with one another, affirming, that if Women can support each other, no Women will lose any elective position.


He said, “If a woman can present Female Presidential Candidate and filed behind her, she will win


“Am advocating Women should try and support themselves. I also urge Women, Youths and even the Disabled to take courage and participate in Politics”., He said.

The awardees includes Individuals, Organizations, Development partners.



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