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News2023: Group says Presidency is not birthright of Northerners 

2023: Group says Presidency is not birthright of Northerners 

Femi Mustapha


A group of about 45 Civil Society Organizations under the auspices of the Arewa Concerned Civil Society Organisations of Nigeria (ACCSON), has  said the Presidency is not the birthright of the Northerners, hence, called on all political parties to zone their presidential candidates to the Southern part of the country.

Spokesman of the Group, Comrade Abdulsalam Moh’d Kazeem asserted this while addressing newsmen in Kaduna.


The group vowed to mobilize the teaming youths from the North to campaign against denying the South the  Presidency comes 2023.


According to  him, “Equity and justice are the bane of development in any sane society.


“Since the first republic power is being rotated between South and North. Unfortunately, in 2007 when the power has shifted to North after two years God took the life of President Umaru Musa Yar’adua of blessed memory, these have created a vacuum and resulted to so much agitation by Northern stakeholders that North must complete their 8-years term as President Obasanjo did.

“Since the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is supreme and has a way of succession and the emergence of leadership Jonathan as the Vice President was constitutionally sworn-in to be the President of Nigeria.”


“In the heat towards the 2011 elections, the spokesman explained that many Northern stakeholders agitated that power must return to the North, saying that for national unity and being Jonathan a minority from oil-rich Niger-Delta region of Nigeria and never produce President of the country, the stakeholders in the North advised to allow him to go for another four years term which will have completed the joined ticket of him and late President Yar’adua.


He noted that in 2015, after realizing President Jonathan isn’t ready to relinquish power, Northerner stakeholders with the support of many progressive Southerners whom believed in Unity and Fairness, Jonathan second bid was truncated, stressing that President Muhammadu Buhari elected and will complete his eight (8) years tenure by 2023.

He stated that Nigerians have to respect the integration, brotherhood and unity of the country, stressing that it is for the sake of the national unity that they are standing today and declare that power should be rotated to South for the spirit of oneness, equity, justice, fairness and equal opportunities.

The spokesman recalled, “Nigeria was amalgamated in 1914 with an agreement that the country belongs to all irrespective of ethnicity, religion or region. For those who are beating the drum of hatred and division, trying to cause chaos and war in our dear nation because they benefit from a disunited Nigeria, we are watching and this will be a nightmare for all of them.


We urge all political parties to zone their Presidential candidates to the south. Any party that refuses to do so, we are going to mobilize our teaming youth and campaign against it.”

“We the Arewa Concerned Civil Society Organizations of Nigeria in the spirit of building our desired nation and our continued existence as an entity, also not jettisoning the principles of power balance and fairness calls for the total support of the Presidency to the Southern part of the country. We have no other country than Nigeria and we will not sit down and see our country disintegrate due to the selfish desires of some individuals that think the Presidency is their birthright of a particular region. Any Northerner is contesting President will be regarded as agent disunity and enemies of the nation,” he explained.

The South West is also a beneficiary of the benevolence of Nigerians who supported their first bid for an 8years President and Vice President for year, another 8 years should also be willing to relinquish the position in the spirit togetherness and nation building.

He explained that their hope, dreams and prayers are for an Igbo man to emerge as President 2023, more preferably, a private sector player, a technocrat and a de-tribalized Nigerian.


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