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News2023 is not time to vote just anybody as President_ Saraki

2023 is not time to vote just anybody as President_ Saraki

Rodiyat Shittu
The Presidential aspirant come 2023 general elections under the platform of the Peoples Democratic party,(PDP), Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki has cautioned that the forth coming presidential election is not time to vote just anybody as president of Nigeria, saying the country is faced with many serious difficulties, hence the need for Nigerians to vote person who can put an end to all the challenges.
The Former Senate President and two term Governor of Kwara state who led his entourage in continuation of his consultations over his presidential ambition, stated this on Sunday while speaking to PDP Delagates in Kaduna at the state Secretariat.
He therefore maintained that he is the best option to lift Nigeria and Nigerians out of the many problems bedevilling the country and its citizens, noting he has done such before as the Senate president, and will do more if voted as the next president.
According to him, Kaduna, as one of the state characterised by Insecurity as a result of the activities of terrorists and bandits,  residents of the state are the one who can tell the story better.
According to him,” We are here today in Kaduna to address our delegates.  Today, we all know whether politically, economically, socially; without the blessing of Kaduna state, nothing will happen,  and that’s why am here to formally inform you to seek your support come 2023.
 “2023 is not the time to just vote anybody as president. This country is in very difficult situation and nobody knows it better than Kaduna state. Once upon a time, people could safely drive, fly by plane, and take the train from Kaduna to other states. Today, with the insecurity around Kaduna, traveling to and from the state has become dangerous and quite tedious.
“Today alot of our young people do not have jobs, it is the highest we are seeing in the country. We cannot continue like this as a country. This country need somebody that has served; who is bold and courageous that can stand for Nigerians. This country need somebody that has shown that he puts Nigerians first before himself, I have done that and I will always continue to do, I assured you.
“This is because, without security, we cannot develop our communities. Therefore, I will ensure that we deploy the latest tools, equipment, and technology to bring an end to banditry and terrorism across the nation.
“As a senate president I stood for Nigerians. I am going to stand for Nigerians, if I can do that as a Senate President, with your support In Shaa Allah, I will do that if voted as the next president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Continuing, “I will not stop until I end Insecurity, I will end Banditry, Farmers will be able to go back to farm. As the Senate president, we had security summit, I emphasized this is what we must do, but I was turned down. But will you votes come 2023, I will bring back security to the country. Our children will be able to go to school without any fear. I will work until we have security in this country. This is not time for talk, rather it is time for actions
“Secondly, I am man that bring people together, I will unite Nigerians together. I am a bridge between the North and the South. Bring a Man that is Nigeria for all Nigerians, so that we can unite this country. We will bring gas to kaduna, We will bring back industrialization to kaduna” Saraki  said.
Speaking earlier, the State chairman, Hon. Felix  Hassan Hyat hinted the presidential hopeful and his delegation that Kaduna state has 78 statutory delegates, but still expecting 23 adhoc delegates to make 101 delegates.
While welcoming the team, Hyat noted that there is age on the side on Saraki, and the youths are on the side of one that age is on his side, saying they are happy to have him.
He further said in the history of Senate Presidents, Saraki has performed excellently during his time.
“There is never a time a Senator stood for Nigerians like him. When he was the Senate president, borrowing money was never appreciated; When he left they are borrowing money. People  of Nigerians will not forget you. You are a humble person. He doesn’t make noise but achieve. Age is on your side and the youths are on the side of one that age is on his side. We are happy to have you”, he said.


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