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NewsGroup says Naira swaps had reduced kidnapping, ransom payment

Group says Naira swaps had reduced kidnapping, ransom payment

Group says Naira swaps had reduced kidnapping, ransom payment

By: Femi Mustapha

A Group under the auspice of  Unified Northern Nigeria youth forum has said the ongoing swapping of  the old and new re-designed Naira note as directed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has reduce drastically the level of kidnapping and ransom payment, strengthened the Naira, reduced the cost of certain commodities in the market and a potential checker for vote buying during the general election.

The Publicity Secretary of the  Forum Ali Muhammad asserted this during a  press Conference held in Kaduna on 7th February, 2023.

The Group therefore said it is only corrupt politicians, their children and associates will come out openly to criticize the CBN’s new policy, therefore they are not surprised by utterances from some Governors, calling for extension of the deadline.

Ali Muhammad added that it is not surprising that Governors  Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, of Kano State, Yahaya Bello of   Kogi State, Nasiru El-rufai  of  Kaduna  State  and Bello Matawalle of  Zamfara States are against this policy, because they are  corrupt themselves and it’s only normal as corruption begets nothing but corruption.

Ganduje, who in 2017 was caught on video pocketing a huge amount of US dollars amounting to $230,000 as part of $5 million kick back for contract racketeering reported by daily Nigerian should bury his head in shame, and not be parading himself as caring for the masses of this country. A Governor with several corruption cases, who is hiding under the immunity of office to perpetrate evil against his own people who voted him.

Ganduje whose corruption wrath didn’t  spare his own son as the Governor  refused to approve the payment of N82, 662,464.04 balance to the son for contract  over his refusal to give a kickback in cash to Ganduje’s Foundation.

A Governor whose inefficiency and love for wealth, led to the disappointment of Kano state pilgrims as over 1000 Pilgrims who have paid their fare for Hajj, were not airlifted to the holy land.

Governor Yahaya Bello, the accidental Governor, who became the Governor only because prince Audu returned to his creator. A Governor without any touch of politics in him, who didn’t pass through the political scrutiny and x-raying needed as a prerequisite to occupy the number one seat.

A governor who runs his state from Abuja, using his relations to milk the state dry, fraudulently withdrawing over N10 billion (N10, 270,556,800), from the Kogi State treasury with about 147 houses linked to his relative.

The same Governor who couldn’t pay Kogites Salary and pension, leaving his people to starvation, ill health and poverty was living lavishly, dishing out Kogites money to undeserving persons who have not contributed any meaning to the development of Kogi State. Kogi is no longer safe to inhabit under his watch, security of the lives and properties of Kogites is not guaranteed anymore

As the present Governor of Kaduna State Nasir  El-Rufai has done nothing but caused chaos, confusion, tension, fear and have drawn a thick line of distinction between the Moslems and the Christians in the state.

Demolishing of marketplaces that were doing fine and his inability to re-build them again, dispersing traders, robbing them of the means and the ability to feed their families.

Illegal seizure of land and re-allocation of same for self, family, friends and political allies have been normalized in Kaduna State just like it was done in Abuja when he was the minister of FCT

The unnecessary decision to relieve hundreds of Kaduna state teachers of their job, the Charade recruitment of new teachers, who have not been paid over a period of eight months, derailing the teachers from performing adequately and the  inconsiderable increment in tuition fees have further crumbled education in the state.

Governor Bello Matawalle, who himself never thought will be the Governor of his state, if not for divine intervention.

Afraid and desperate, after The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) announced that it would redesign some Naira notes, the governors resorted to an illegal strategy of withdrawing cash funds from the state treasury and even opted to pay salary over the table rather than through the bank, a move that was rejected.

Matawalle has been under investigation for alleged money laundering by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for using state funds to buy properties worth billions of Naira in Abuja.

A governor who became Governor because rule of law was maintained, respected and obeyed is same Governor who is now intoxicated and acting beyond his executive powers to go as far as shutting down five electronic media stations in Zamfara State for no crime.

Because of his corrupt nature, hunger and desire to engulf public wealth,  the people of Zamfara state are no longer interested in his kind of leadership and want him out come 2023. After all, he was not elected in the first place.

“On this note, we are calling on the CBN to ignore all criticisms, see it as a mere distraction and not extend its deadline in other not to give an opportunity to any mischievous set of individuals who are out to pursue their selfish and hidden agenda.” He said.


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