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NewsEaster: AA Chairman urges Nigerians to pray for peace and prosperity of...

Easter: AA Chairman urges Nigerians to pray for peace and prosperity of the country

Easter: AA Chairman urges Nigerians to pray for peace and prosperity of the country

From: Femi Mustapha

The National Chairman of the Action Alliance (AA), Dr Adekunle Rufai Omoaje, has urged Christians in Nigeria to use the period of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to pray for the peace and prosperity of Nigeria.

He stated this in a message to felicitate with Christians in Nigeria in remembrance of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, made available to the media in Kaduna yesterday.

He admonished the faithful to reflect on the significance of the season, saying that this great occasion of Easter is to celebrate Jesus’ victory over death on the cross and his resurrection that rekindles the hope of eternal life.

He urged Christians to return to the teachings of Jesus Christ, who, as ‘the reason for the season,’ represents religious tolerance, peaceful coexistence, good faith, truth, demonstration of the fear of and belief in God, empathy for the less privileged, and patriotism to one’s country.

“It is not just a mere coincidence that while the Lent fasting was on, the Muslim Ramadan also commenced, and this translates to a very substantial percentage of the national population fasting in the past two weeks.

“This is a design by Almighty God to teach us the lesson that no matter how we worship Him, whatever language we adopt in worshipping Him, or what name we call Him, we are all creations of one God.

“Therefore, we should all live, work and aspire together as brothers and sisters in the interest of our dear country, demonstrate the fear of God in all we do, and develop our country for the benefit of all.

“We should stop allowing religion, ethnicity, or difference in language to divide us. It is time we all bound together to salvage our country and restore her lost glory.

“This Easter period, which also coincides with the ongoing Ramadan fasting, should be used by Nigerians to pray for their country, to rededicate ourselves to the promotion of the national interest above personal interest, ponder about the challenges facing the country, and for each individual to take a vow to be part of the solution to the problems.

“It is my prayer that Almighty God will intervene and heal our country in all areas while also giving us victory over those misguided elements who are waging wars against the country,” he said.

Hon. Omoaje also used the occasion to appeal to politicians who feel wronged in the 2023 Elections to seek redress in the Court of Law.

He stressed that the elections have come and gone, and the courts are there for people to take their grievances to. People can equally protest if they don’t like what is happening; they can adopt any legal measure.

He, however, advised aggrieved politicians to avoid actions capable of truncating democracy, saying that aggrieved politicians must be cautious so as not to bring down the roof.


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