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NewsNigeria@63: Action Alliance Chairman lauds citizens' tolerance, adaptability, long-suffering

Nigeria@63: Action Alliance Chairman lauds citizens’ tolerance, adaptability, long-suffering

Nigeria@63: Action Alliance Chairman lauds citizens’ tolerance, adaptability, long-suffering


By: Femi Mustapha


As Nigeria marks its 63rd Independence anniversary, the National Chairman of the Action Alliance (AA) Party, Dr. Adekunle Rufai Omo-Aje, has lauded the level of tolerance, adaptability, and long-suffering exhibited by Nigerians despite all the unity-threatening rancorous situations that stare them in the face daily.

In a statement to commemorate the celebration, Omo-Aje said such a display shows that Nigerians are still the happiest living people.

He congratulated all citizens for advancing in the age of nationhood and striving to stamp their leadership authority on the sands of time in the African continent but noted that going forward as a nation, some aspects of livelihood need to be focused on and engineer a reappraisal of current approaches.

The AA Chairman said he looked forward to the time when elections in the country will attract less litigation in the aftermath.

“I am not saying it’s a bad idea to have elections challenged when there are dissensions, no. What I am dreaming of here is a situation where we grow and mature as a nation to be able to say, ‘Alright, all things cannot be perfect all the time anyway, I accept defeat to better prepare next time.’

“This will save the nation a lot of resources, and most especially precious judicial time wasted on election petitions that put all existing civil and other matters on hold with a long adjournment to create time for election litigations.”

Omo-Aje opined that as a nation, the people need to focus more on creating a local content framework that will see them producing what they consume and depending less on importation.

According to him, as blessed as Nigeria is, it should not have any business grappling with saving our currency’s free fall as a result of an unguided thirst for foreign tastes.

He stressed that the insatiable desire for foreign tastes in everything is responsible for the cancerous fall of the value of our Naira.

“We have the capacity and capability to feed and stabilize the African sub-region should we develop our export potential by boosting our capacity.

“We have a vibrant, youthful population that surpasses the endowment of any other nation in the African continent.

“This youthful asset is so underutilized, thereby making them grossly idle, and this is responsible for the vices found in a great percentage of that population now.

“I would like to advise our president to look into some of these areas with the mind of mitigating the possible pandemic that some of these neglected aspects of our livelihood as a democratic nation could birth to our detriment.

“Nigeria has unlimited potential with the level of divine endowments in human and natural resources which surpasses most of our contemporaries in the committee of nations.

“Though the responsibility of administering a vast nation like ours could be tasking, I, however, pray for wisdom for the president that God will grant him all he needs to navigate our economy back on course.” The statement reads.


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