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NewsSGBV Justice Network seeks  justice For Survivors of SGBV in Kaduna

SGBV Justice Network seeks  justice For Survivors of SGBV in Kaduna

SGBV Justice Network seeks  justice For Survivors of SGBV in Kaduna


By:Femi Mustapha


A group under the auspices of

SGBV Justice Network (SJN) Cluster, has stressed the importance of the need for effective justice delivery for survivors of Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) in Kaduna State.


This was Asserted by  Mrs Hanatu Ahuwan while addressing the media in Kaduna on 6th December 2023.


She said the group in collaboration with the USAID-funded Strengthening Civic Advocacy and Local Engagement (SCALE) project, united in its pursuit of justice for survivors of SGBV and the protection of their rights.


According to her for the group to achieve effective justice delivery for survivors of SGBV,  the state must enhance and efficient implementation of the Violence Against Persons Prohibition Law (VAPPL) and the Administration of Criminal Justice Law (ACJL) in Kaduna State.


Kaduna State according to her has taken significant steps by enacting these crucial legislations. However, the effectiveness of these laws relies heavily on their implementation.


“The Kaduna State Violence Against Persons Prohibition Law prohibits all forms of violence against any person and prescribes penalties for perpetrating any of the rights therein.

“The Administration of Criminal Justice Law was enacted to ensure that the system of administration of criminal justice promotes efficient management of criminal justice institutions speedy dispensation of justice, protection of the society from crime and protection of the rights and interests of the victim, suspect, and defendant.” She said


Mrs Hanatu however expressed dismay that less penalties for offences in the VAPP Law than in the Penal Code thereby leading to prosecutors not applying the VAPP Law for charging SGBV cases.


“Poor capacity of law enforcement agencies of the VAPP Law and understanding of the types of Gender Based Violence and how to handle such cases


“Community members and families of perpetrators putting pressure on community leaders and families to drop cases


“Therefore, our primary objective today is to call upon all relevant stakeholders, government,  law enforcement agencies, legal practitioners, civil society organizations, the private sector, and the community at large to join hands in ensuring a more robust and swift implementation of the VAPPL and ACJL in ensuring justice delivery for survivors of SGBV.



“We commend the efforts made so far but acknowledge that there is still much work to be done.

for the implementation of the VAPP and ACJ Laws to provide justice for survivors and punishment for perpetrators in line with the provision of the Laws.


“Prosecutors to apply the VAPP Law to be applied in the prosecution of other GBV cases ”


She called on relevant Stakeholders to consider a review of the VAPP Law to make it more applicable and provide a budget line for the smooth operation of SARCs and the implementation of aspects of the VAPP Law.


“We Called  on the Private Sector for support towards ensuring the functionality of the Sexual Assault Referral Centres as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility

Urge State Governments to deploy adequate personnel to SARCs.


” State Governments to assign coordinating Ministry to oversee the running of SARCs, as well as see to the setting up of Committees to monitor the operation of the SARCs.

Strengthening the capacity of law enforcement agencies, legal professionals, and support services to handle SGBV cases with sensitivity, expertise, and efficiency.


“Government and CSOs to launch comprehensive public awareness campaigns to educate the community about the laws, reporting mechanisms, and available support services, fostering a culture of intolerance towards gender-based violence. ” She concluded


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