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NewsTax Compliance: Network harps on social contract.

Tax Compliance: Network harps on social contract.

Tax Compliance: Network harps on social contract.


By: Femi Mustspha



The Kaduna Tax Justice  Network has called on the government and citizens to respond actively to the social contract binding them via Tax payments and collections


The call was made during a town Hall meeting held at the Kaduna Development Internal Revenue Service (KADIRS) Conference Hall, on the 20th January, 2024.



Addressing participants at the Town  Hall  meeting with

With the theme —Towards Sustainable Development: Building Partnership For Voluntary Tax Compliance Culture and Effective Service Delivery for Community Development, the   Coordinator of the Network, Olatunde Simeon, noted that tax laws on their own do not guarantee total compliance, canvassed more socio-economic projects that impact the citizenry for increased participation of the citizenry in funding the government in return.

He also stressed the need for the 2021 taxation, and financial law (Finance Act 2021) to work for the better benefit of Nigerians and to strengthen the government’s capacity through the instrumentality of taxation in achieving sustainable development.


According to him, the government has a lot of work to do when it comes to the issue of accountability in the area of taxation.


” The people have a right to know what their money works for else, they will be discouraged.


“The issue of accessing tax to work for sustainable development, calls for open government, transparency and accountability. There’s a need for both the state and local government to get involved in the implementation of the community development charter to bring the government closer to the people.”


“Taxpayers should know that they have a set of rights that are protected by the Kaduna State Internal Revenue (KADIRS) but if there is no compliance on the part of the taxpayers, then there’s no right to demand for the benefit of tax payment, an act which limits our growth as a Nation.”


The issue of multiple taxation, unauthorized tax collectors and leniency towards tax payment defaults was also raised as major hindrances to sustainable development as it frustrates the efforts of citizens who wish to respect the tax law.


Exploitation of the taxpayers was also raised as a concern as some fines placed on certain offences are heavy and the money goes unaccounted for.


A plea was, therefore, made to the relevant government Agencies in charge of taxation, to carry out sensitization so people can know the process and benefit of tax payment.


They also requested the State and Local government to work together with both the constituted Agencies and taxpayers so that a voluntary tax compliance culture can be encouraged.


An encouragement was given to the taxpayers to do their part in paying their taxes and reporting unauthorized tax collectors as only then do they get to demand and enjoy the benefits of their paid taxes.


In his remarks, the  Civil Society Co-Chair, Open  Government  Partnership  Kaduna State  Mubarak Abdulganiyi as an advocates for openness, transparency, and justice, recognizes the profound impact of tax policies on the fabric of societies.



According to him, commitment to tax justice is not a mere declaration, but a call to action.


“It requires us to delve into the complexities, challenge the status quo, and collectively chart a course toward a more equitable and accountable future. The OGP, through its civil society leadership, stands as a beacon of hope, illuminating the way for transformative change.


“In the spirit of collaboration, let us seize this opportunity to exchange ideas, share experiences, and collectively formulate strategies that resonate with the principles of openness and justice. The diversity of our backgrounds and expertise is our strength, and together, we can propel the discourse on tax justice to new heights.


“As we navigate the discussions ahead, let us remain mindful of the real-world impact our deliberations can have. The decisions we make today resonate far beyond this virtual space, influencing the lives of individuals and communities around the globe.”


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